It's gonna take a lot of love (Freudian Slip)

its gonna take a lotta love to change the way things are
its gonna take a lotta love or we wont get too far
so if you look in my direction
and we don't see eye to eye,
my heart needs protection and so do I
(Neil Young)

Yea, I know the song has nothing to do with the image but I hear the music in my head whenever I think about it. Maybe it was playing somewhere when I was there. All I remember was getting excited chasing this shoot. So excited that my hands shook as I pressed the shutter release. Damn that long black I just had. With all the jagged light and blurs, I think I just created art.

Captured with the old reliable 18-55mm crappy kit lens mounted on my battle worn Canon Rebel XT (350d)

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