8 no 9 Reasons Why This Image Failed

Going home last night, I was able to take this shot at the office parking lot. It fails for a number of reasons:

  1. It was raining and I was getting wet making this shot and I didn’t have an umbrella.
  2. Even if I have an umbrella I probably won’t be able to use it.
  3. I should have an assistant holding an umbrella but I don’t.
  4. I have my camera with me always but I have my ND filter parked on the lens (from shooting water streams the other day). So when I removed it my lens got wet from the rain.
  5. There are actually two rainbows (if you look hard enough you may be able to see a glimmer of the other one, which should be at the right of this rainbow.) I only got one rainbow on my shot.
  6. I may have been able to get a better capture of the colors of the rainbow if I have my Graduated ND filter. I actually have it in my bag but my lens was already wet by the time I realized I needed it. And the rainbows were fast disappearing.
  7. I could have shot multiple images and employ HDR in post processing but in order to do a decent HDR I needed my tripod, which was back in my car. I didn’t want to fetch it and risk losing the rainbow.
  8. In the original shot, the background was washed out from the gray clouds. I tweaked the colors in post processing to bring out some colors in the clouds but in doing that it turned purple. (Maybe that’s not a bad thing.)
  9. There's this lens flare in the center of the image that I didn't notice until I posted this.

Hope you still like this botched shot. Cheers.

Featured Comments (for the benefit of others to know and for pursuing a shameless self-promotion):

What is this "I SHOULDS" ??? Its Friday and you should be prepared and be glad. Anyway, where's the rainbow?? - Sister L

Yea, it’s Friday and I was instructed to work tomorrow. I really hate my new job. I will kill myself tonight. Just kidding about killing myself. I may kill somebody instead. I’m not kidding about hating my job. - Rob

If this is a botched shot, I can’t wait to see your masterpiece. This is amazing, as usual. How did you get such a great shot of the lot without any cars getting in your way??? That’s great. - Rachel

Rachel, this place is close to where the Earthquake hit big. The tsunami washed out all the cars. Just kidding.- Rob

Wow I couldn’t come up with 8 reasons why the image failed. It looks great to me. The sky is a bit unbelievable but still stunning. I think it’s pretty amazing that you don’t see any parked cars around so that’s a good thing. Someone sent me two shots of yesterday’s rainbow that they took from their phone and they look nothing like yours, so that’s a good thing. The green on the pavement almost looks like grass which makes it seem as if the moment is somewhere in between reality and fantasy. The cracks on the pavement almost look like small mounds of grass. I think I’m going to forward your pic to the person who sent me their pic. They said they wished they had a better camera when the caught the rainbow. - L

My colleagues saw the beautiful rainbow last night (it was a full one). I was going to ask you if you saw it and possibly got a shot – you didn’t surprise me when I saw this. [p.s. Your image did not fail.] - j

Wow! Glad you decided not to go back to your car for the tripod! That shot is fantastic, great job. You really are incredibly talented, you know?!!!! - P


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