I gave my last chance to you
Don't hand it back to me bitterblue
(Bitterblue, Cat Stevens)

Yes, I've got my reasons and to me they're all true,
and I wouldn't change them, not even for you.
(Mona Bone Jakon, Cat Stevens)

For me, one of the most rewarding activities in photography is capturing people in their candid moments.  Their fences are down so you really get to see a snapshot of their inner lives.  We get a better feel of their environment even though the story that the photograph conveys may perhaps be a collaborative creation between the photographer and the audience.  We may not know the entire story but it doesn't matter for we can be satisfied thinking falsely that we do get it... that yea we understand what the picture is saying. This sort of snapshot depiction can be uncomfortably controversial for some.  Others believe that we should be true - and by this I mean representationally true - to what was captured at he moment.  Perhaps, this is why some critics do not even consider photography to be in the realm of art.  Some critics will insists that photography belongs in the field of journalism.  Why do people think this way?  I don't think I have been able to figure it out.


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