Post-processed with Channel Blending:

Thanks to Tony for the PS tip.
 Before processing:

I guess I need new glasses.

Featured Comment:  Oh yes red!!!  shades of red, tints of red, Chinese red, Morocco red, Congo red, Venetian red, Indian ocher, aniline red, even aurora red.  In a meadow painted in gold through a profusion of wild and fiery California poppies, asserting itself you find this delightful hyacinth red, struggling to find its place, certainly it made a damn good difference.  Made my day, much obliged....  - aU

For the techies:  Taken at iso 100 using a tripod with a 50mm lens at f/16 aperture. I also attached an extension tube so I can get real close to the flower.

The shot was made outdoor using an off-camera flash (the camera was connected to the flash with an external cord) hand-pointed directly at the flower. It must have been less than three inches away from the flower. The ambient has low light so I took advantage of that. I deliberately set the camera at 1/100 shutter to under-expose the background. (Generally, the exposure would require more than 1 or 2 seconds to get the right exposure.) With the flash directed at a certain angle, it will only hit the flower and not the background, rendering the background almost black but not he flower. I tweaked the contrast in post processing to get the background entirely black.


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