Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Intangible Moment

What people are saying about this artwork:
  • Do I need new glasses?
  • I have been having a terrible time with my right eye and this picture; right away I see a blurry picture. If the close my right eye I may be able to see those pretty yellow daisies.
  • (Uh)...okay?
  • (dead silence)
  • This would make a great background.
  • You're kidding, right?
  • My 6 year-old can take a better picture than that.
  • Is this the latest trend in photography?
  • Grandma can take a better picture than that.
  • Reminds me of my Diana. Lomo on.
But I save the best for last:
  • At first glance, you see a universal subject. It brings familiarity to the continuance of daily encounter to the point of considering it insipid. However, simultaneously catching a glance, a timid palpitation ensues. Thank you for graciously turning this opportune time away from unwelcome skepticism we harbor within.... good day... aU


Mark Wade said...

I do, but prefer not to wear them for photography
Try crossing them
Dead serious mister
Yeah, isn’t it great?!
No, there are no trends
Without film
Looking up insipid…oh, I disagree

Messin’ with familiarity challenges our brain to jump-the-rut

Rob Castro said...

LOL... have you considered being a comedian? Take care, Mark...

seems like the case when the mind cannot understand it automatically rejects