A sure way to get hits: Post a photo of your pet

She was the dog from hell but now she's mellowed (and that's relative term because she's still hyper) after we house trained her.  She's still very feisty.  She's actually Rose's pet.  And Mimi thinks I'm her servant... I exist simply to provide for her needs.  I learn about theology from this dog.  I confess that I treat my Maker the same way that this dog treats me.  Thank God for His patience.


Anonymous said…
Ha-ha tried that one, but it seems only Germans like rottweilers and all I got was ya ya ya. We just got another dog last week, a 9 month old Staffordshire Bull Terror cross German Shepard. What a jerk he is.Tommy, who in their right mind would name a dog Tommy? It really is a case of "Tommy can you hear me". Oh well , he will grow up, I hope. At the moment it's me me me. Now when you go near Shadow ,she rolls over on her back with her paws in the air trying to look cute & cuddly. She looks ridiculous, like a 100lb fruit bat. Dogs gotta luv em. tony
Anonymous said…
Speaking of Creation- hard to believe that little ball of FLUFF was once Mr Wooluff. tony
Rob Castro said…
it's also hard to believe (at least for me) that Mimi once lived in trashed alley eating real junk (i mean real trash junk)... i think we aptly called her Mimni as in "me... me..."

"Tommy, can you hear me?" Boy, that's brilliant.

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