Howdy Buddy (Looking for Love)

Today, my friend Buddy called to tell me that he spotted eight old maids milking on Wall Street as symbol of protest against the Ten Lords of the Corporate Kingdom.

My friend Buddy is my go-to model.  Every time that I test a new photography equipment he is always around to pose for me.  This portrait head shot was taken using my newly converted Infra Red camera.  Natural ambient light courtesy of the soft California sun.  Hat by Armani.  Make up by Revlon.

Incidentally, Buddy is a single straight guy currently looking for a relationship.  He speaks different languages, such as High Mongolian, Low Mongolian and Middle of the Road Mongolian.  He likes listening to the music of Men at Work, Midnight Oil and all those Australian have-beens from the 80s.  (He has been to all the Choachella concerts.)  He loves to cook his favorite Spam using only organically grown ingredients.  I was wondering if you know somebody who would be a perfect match for Buddy.

Lotsa Cheers. - R

Featured Comments:

 Given Buddy's construction, I'd have thought Buddy would enjoy the "Hard Rock" music of The Stones more. Nice pic.

Martha:  I've got a friend for Buddy. She's a real picnic. Enjoys the outdoors and doesn't mind ants. Thrives throughout Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. She lives underneath a palm leaf, weighs about 40 pounds and is made of stone. She's a turtle with a hard shell and a soft heart. Her name is Tur-Dee.

p.s. (she digs spam tacos) ... Happy first day of Winter.


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