Juzno Unplugged

Old Man Geezer

Today, I've made one of the biggest decisions in my life.  I've decided to post my picture un-retouched -- with wrinkles, eye bugs and gray hair.  I don't really know what has gotten inside me but the the the the closest analogy I could think of is when KISS decided to perform without their make-ups.  Maybe because my own make-up artist didn't show up today.  And the coffee was cold.  And my hair dresser came in late and spilled her latte on my Persian rug.  My pom ate my diamond ring.  And the bill from Ritz Carlton just arrived.  And I found out that my Rolex is fake.  Maybe I just don't care anymore.  Maybe I'm just tired of hiding behind the veneer of superficial mystery.  I came to believe that is just BS.  I'm tired acting out the part.  Juzno is just an ordinary man.  He is old and gray.  But he lives for the moment.

It is only Monday.  Who knows what I'll do next tomorrow or the following day.  Cheers.

P.s. I've decided that my future lies beyond the Yellow Brick Road.


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