Friday, June 01, 2012

Behind the Blue Eyes is Really a Freckled Young Man who is turning into a Lizard

Some time ago I shot this fellow who goes to our church. I worked on his photo last night and showed it to Rose. She's usually excited whenever I show her my new stuff. (That makes her a very gracious person because not all my photos are that exciting.)

Except on this one. Her reticence, which probably lasted for a few seconds, felt like forever. After a long pause, she complained that the details on the man's face were too busy.

"You mean like working ants going back and forth?" I asked.

"No, it's just that you made his face appear to have a lot of smudges."

"Those happen to be his freckles," I explained.

"Yeah but they don't look right. Maybe if you remove some of them then it'll be okay."

"But that wouldn't be him."

"Yeah but that's not him either."

"Well maybe those are really his scales and he is turning into a lizard." At this time I already conceded. If I have to justify what I did then I know I already failed.

What do you think? No wait, don't tell me.