Ready for the World

I feel like I'm scrapping the bottom of the barrel here. For me, the image is the weakest in my street capture series. But I like it because I can remember the experience of taking the shot. At least somehow I feel I've succeeded in capturing what's inside the man: his nervous pent up energy. He was playing for me. He would dance and then stop -- perhaps to give me time to focus and compose the picture. Then he would go in a trance and then stop again. Of all the shots, I actually liked this the best. Not chaotic. No dancing. But his posture looked like he was ready to go wild again. As though he is ready for the World.

Techie Notes: Taken at the Chalk Walk Festival in Old Pasadena. A band was playing Bob Seger's Old Time Rock and Roll. High noon light courtesy of His Grace. Canon EOS 60d, 50mm CZ, and some photo mojo left overs.


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