Can you hear me now? (Recycled)

He is holding the phone with his right hand because:

a.      He got tired using his left arm from waiting so long.
b.      The reception is better if he holds the phone this way.
c.      He is actually scratching his left ear and he can't use his left hand because it is also itchy.
d.      All of the above.

I thought that I would start the first day of the work week with recycling.  You may recall that I posted a black and white version of this photo last year.  This is a recycled version, which I thought has a pretty cool retro colors.  The man on the phone is the same - that is he is still upset because that he paid too much for his hair cut.  The man has been on hold for half an hour when I caught him in this position.  His barber who is on the other line doesn't have any intent of getting back to him.

Hope your day is going well. - R


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