Can something exist without being perceived?

St Stephen's Green, Ireland

"If a tree were to fall on a forest where there were no human beings, would there be any sound?" 

Vera felt the cold autumn wind blew from behind.  She wished she had worn her mauve bonnet.    She hated it.  But she did not have much excuse for not wearing it.  "Oh, Momsy ... " she whispered to herself.  "Why did you have to buy me that stupid bonnet?"  Momsy wasn't there to answer.  They used to go on long walks.  It would always be the same path.  The same one she was now on.  Momsy would talk a lot.  She was the talkative one.  Vera was mostly quite.  Now Vera wished Momsy was with her.  So she can remind her what she thought about her bonnet.

#Existentialsim #randomThoughts 


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