Street Alley Story

Juzno man,

I prepared the Dutch Baby for breakfast and it made Helmut smile!!!  Per your advice, I added bacon and eggs on the side.  Thanks for sharing the recipe.

On August 9th last year, Helmut and I relocated to Silver Lake (Los Angeles).  Our place is located next door to our daughter, her husband and their precious little boy - Lucas.  Oftentimes, we have both front doors open/accessible and Lucas thinks we live in the same house.  It is a favorable arrangement - we are right there when they need us and vice versa, yet we maintain privacy and separate living arrangement.

For almost 5 months now, Lucas and I have been increasingly forging forward in developing familial trust with each other.  One day last week, in a moment of being vulnerable, Lucas blew a kiss to me.  And in a flash he realized what happened!!!  Horror!!!  Immediately, and fiercely, he tried to take the kiss back from me.  Refusing to be outsmarted, I explained to him that while the kiss was flying in the air, my eager heart opened up, gathered the giving kiss and clamped tightly down to avoid an escape.  Good day....



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