Take me to the river

Housing by the river in Waterford, Ireland

Juzno:  I'm a bit forgetful nowadays.

Rob:  Which one did you forget this time?

Juzno:  I was just thinking about those young men who wears skinny jeans who pretend they are hip.  What do you call them?

Rob:  You mean the hipsters?

Juzno:  Yeah.  I forgot what they are called.  It's just that I could see things in my head but I can't remember the words associated with them.  It comes with age I suppose.

Rob:  I remember when I first got introduced to my grandparents.  I must have been five or six years old.  And I was asking myself, who are these old people?  I guess they weren't really that old.  Thinking back they must have been in their 50s.

Juzno:  Aye.  I hear you.  I'm far older than them now.

Rob:  But you are only 58.

Juzno:  I know.  And this year I'm turning 64.

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