Taken with the original Fujifilm x100 back in 2012.  

I was a young graduate and had just been terminated from a government gig.  With a few savings, I visited Sagada.  I only had a couple of T-shirts on my small back pack.  I didn't have socks because I thought it was uncool to wear ones.  To get there, I rode a bus and stood inside all the way  for several hours.  Back then, reserving for B & B was unheard of.  It is one of a few places that has preserved its indigenous culture with little Western influence.  I heard that the local tribes have recently done away with headhunting.  It was a great time to be adventurous.

Many years later, I returned to the village, and experienced a volcanic tremor of a culture shock.  It has been transformed into a tourist trap.  One can have beer, yogurt and  Kimchi in small guest houses and restaurants. The ugly gentries have invaded this once pristine place and turned it into an amusement park.  Sad.

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