This is how she sleeps and how I killed her

Some flowers are very sensitive to light or the lack of it.  I took this poppy indoor and by the time I was set up to take its picture, the petals already closed.  More appropriately, it has fallen asleep because there is not enough sunlight indoor.  I screwed up its circadian rhythm.  I hope the poppy police will not go after me for floral abuse.  Actually, I found out that poppy flower doesn't live long enough once you cut it off from the plant.  So, really I killed it -- well, eventually I did by mutilation.  It must have been the shock for her to undergo a severing off its branch.  Yikes.

There is also side story on this poppy.  The purists will cringe if they learn that the flower was actually yellow and not white.  I was trying to enhance the color in post processing when I accidentally hit a button and the yellow poppy turned white.  Not pure white because it retained some interesting luminosity.  I thought it was cool so I left it like this.  A happy accident if you would.  I happen to like it.  I hope you like it too.

Cheers - R

P.s. After watching the news address last night, I am forced to increase my 4x6 prints to $75.  The 8x12 is now on sale for $399.  To take advantage of the 300% discount on this Wednesday Special, you must like this post now.  Just kidding.


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