Blue Hour in Snowy Texas


This was captured early morning after the recent storm.  We still have power at that time.  Then the crisis happened.  We lost power, no heating inside the house, no hot water, roads were undriveable.  Texas was caught flat footed.  As of this writing, we have temporary power.  Don't know for how long.  It's now past midnight.  Great - just the right time we badly need electricity.  Lately, we would have electricity available for about two hours a day.  Just tonight, the officials mandated boiling water for consumption.  How can you boil water if there is no electricity?  Maybe they thought we can burn firewood to provide energy and heat.  We have no furnace so forget that.  There are two more storms coming on the horizon.  We ain't seen nothing yet.

Hope it's better in your neck of the wood.


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