Going to California

Diamond Bar, California
New Year's blessings to you!

I shot this using my converted Infra Red Canon EOS Rebel Xt last Thursday at one of my fave places (you guess - the rooftop of the District 5-story building where I work).  It was late in the afternoon when everyone else were sauntering to get home and probably to stop by the store to stock up for New Year's Eve.  Hence, this was the last image I captured for year 2011.  So, I thought this image would be my first post for the year 2012.  I uploaded the image on my Facebook page on New Year's day and have received modest hits.  In fact, it was probably the most that I've received since I started posting in FB.  Not bad to start the year for photo blogging.  Hope you have a wonderful start like I did.  Cheers and enjoy. - R

p.s. On the eve of New Year, I kissed Rose, danced with her and the dog, drank Moscato and smoked the Romeo Y Julieta corona that I have stashed for a nice occasion.  What did you have?


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