River Sebaste

Hope your day is going well.

In case you may have noticed, Juzno of the Day had to take a few days off last week because I was out with a flu.

I took this picture last year when I visited the Philippines.  The same camera that fell on this raging river.  In fact, it's one of the last few images that the camera saw before taking a dive.  The picture is deceiving.  It may look like a refreshing haven but the stream was raging and the water seemed to be rising.  The roaring sound was deafening.  There was a huge rock in the middle of the river where I propped the camera so I can take a long exposure.  It was difficult to hold the camera steady as the water current was dragging my feet away.  The things we artists do to get the perfect shot.

Hope you enjoy.  Cheers. - R

p.s. A couple of people have approached me for a print of this image.  I'm running a Tuesday Special for $20 on an 8x11 print in case you know somebody is interested.  Heh.


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