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Hope your day is going well.  It was foggy this morning, and it reminded me of this picture taken a couple years ago.  There are still pockets of pastoral activities in Chino Hills.  I remember when Kamilah was younger, and I would bring her to this place.  It's only a stone's throw away from where we live.  Back then, there were more cows and a couple of horses at the other side of the fence.  We would call them with our urbanized version of moows.  The barn is still there and have a few cows.  In a few years, the bovine activity is probably going to be replaced by gentrification and suburban sprawl.  It is what it is.

The picture was captured in 35mm film.  The photo quality is immaculate compared to some of my digital captures.  I still like to use film.  Maybe it's the funny smell.  Maybe it's the lack of LCD feedback screen that makes it mysteriously exciting to operate.  Maybe I'm just an old fashioned luddite.  Definitely old.  Hah.

Hope you enjoy this. - R

p.s. It's Tuesday so I'm running another Tuesday Special on 8x12 prints for $25.  Obscene profit announcement but it does help pay for this silly photo blog.


Ensurai said…
I like this kind of photography as it shows a world that is singularly at peace and provides plenty of room for reflection and sheer enjoyment of being alone.

Being alone does not mean loneliness. It is an important state of being with being able to spend real quality time with oneself.

this photo gives me those precious minutes of being alone with our precious earth..and I am thankful.

Rob Castro said…
Oh my... what a pleasant surprise. I don't always get comments on my blogs. I would like to think that somehow I'm connecting to the world but without any written feedback I could only hope. It's like throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean. I agree completely that being alone does not mean loneliness. In fact, it's very possible to be lonely around people. Thanks for your kind note... (I usually like to call somebody by their name but wasn't sure if your user name is the same as your real name.) Take care, my friend. - Rob

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