Unfazed and Looking Heavenward

Sometimes there are no obvious story to tell about a work of art.  Sometimes, one just have to look beyond the aesthetics and see with the heart and not the eyes.  This image has no exciting story.  There is not much narrative to tell as it is a tree that is relatively young (compared to Oak trees and Sequoias).  When I reflect on it, I think of how I need more time to grow.

I hate being rushed.  I prefer to take my time.  I don't want to be pushed around.  I don't do well when I'm subjected to stress.  Trees are different.  Change usually produces little stress on them.  Sometimes, I want to be like a tree for that reason.  This particular tree reminds me of what I would like to be.  Even though the wind tries to sweep the leaves away, the young tree is unaffected for the most part... laidback and resilience are its strength despite its inexperience.  On this image, I see this one leaf drifting away from its branch.  Eventually, all leaves will fall but new ones will grow.  Obviously the tree knows that.  She doesn't mind.  She knows how to be still.  Ah, we can learn so much from her.

Happy Thursday.  - R

Nerdy philosophical note:  Taken last November at the District parking lot with the converted IR camera.  We really don't have to go that far to appreciate nature.  Sometimes we just have to look below our noses.  In this case, we may have to look above our heads.  Hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said…
Well done Rob.
Rob Castro said…
Hey thanks, Mark, for stopping by and for the kind note

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