Friday, January 20, 2012

Monday Morning Salad

Here in SoCal one of the best times to do a landscape shoot is right after it rained.  Usually, the smog would have been cleaned out.  And if you're fortunate, you might be able to see some lingering clouds for those gorgeous skyscapes.  Well, Sunday it rained.  So naturally Monday had potentials.  Weary from the flu, I managed to drag myself out for an early morning walk.  I was wrapped in layers of layers under my hooded wind breaker.  Still, it was cold.  It felt that way.  But it was worth it, I think.

The image here was from the park, a few blocks where I live. It's actually a composite of several images.  I shot this way so I can get better details.  The stitch program in Photoshop doesn't always do a seamless stitch.  If you look closely at the high tension wires, you'll notice some break ups.  Apart from that, no photo manipulation was employed except for some clean up, dogging and burning.  The creamy white cloud covering the mountain is as real as the whip cream on your café latte.  The purple sky is as tangible as the plum from Albertsons.  The greens are as fresh as your garden variety Cesar Salad.  The white fence is plastic -- like the forks down at the cafeteria. Heh.

Featured Comments:
Cindee:  Nice picture - I like how you get just a glimpse of the top of the mountains peaking thru the clouds!

  Thanks, Cindee.  Like Charleston Heston, I just waved my staff and commanded the mountains to hide behind the clouds.  Oh, wait, was that Moses?

Cindee:It's supposed to rain this weekend and I have to go to Hemet - could you part the clouds for me?

Scott:  Great pic and write-up, Rob  ☺  Just for the record, the wires are “distribution” lines (brings power to houses) not “transmission” lines (brings power from generation to substations).  My wife has worked for Edison for over 30 years and this stuff is drilled into my head!

Juzno: Aha!  And I always thought they were placed there for the Trappist Monks to walk on.  No wonder they never showed up.