Celebrating Five years of Retirement

A few days ago, Rose and I celebrated my fifth anniversary of retirement.  January 3, 2014.  So we went to our favorite Italian Restaurant Vincenzo's Terrazza in West Covina.  As always we would try out new wines.  Cathy, the owner, knew we love Pinot Noir so she recommended the Duck Pond 2016.  It has a nice cherry color and the finish is on the earthy side.  Very nice.    

We paired the wine with our favorite Octopus and Calamari salad.  Unlike most Calamari I've tasted, theirs is not chewy or rubbery.  The secret to its tenderness is the Calamari is soaked in milk for about 20 minutes.  Somehow, this removes some of the protein.  The Octopus is braised to get a perfect meaty feel.  We've never tried Cathy's pizza so we ventured on what she called Capo - ½ pizza-½ calzone, with ham, salami, cherry tomatoes and basil.  It was remarkably delicious that I'm never going to eat any other pizza again.

We've been going to Cathy's place for years now.  And so when she told us that she might be moving, we were a bit distraught.  Apparently, the owner who leases the place to Cathy wanted to double the rent.  So she has been looking for another place.  She took our email addresses so she would let us know where she would end up relocating.  Hopefully it would not be too far away from our home.


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