You are not to take my picture

The original image was taken at the Garment District in Los Angeles.  Re-edited using Kodak X Marc Jacobs - it's a free app from the AppStore .  Sorry but it only works on iOS devices.  One can apply filter effects, light leaks, and film frames on the image to simulate the look of the classic Kodak 35mm Point and Shoot film camera. I don't care much for the frames but I dig the light leaks.  The 200 iso option makes the image vivid, which may or may not be desirable.  The date stamp for some reason cannot be removed.  Apparently the frame is cut off in portrait or vertical format.  Still I find it useable.  The app can also be used as a camera just like any smart phone camera.

I still like my original but I wanted to test the new app.  It's very limited but then it's a free app.  Here's the original street image:


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