Columbus was Buried Here

Catedral de Santa María de la Sede aka Seville Cathedral houses the coffin of Christopher Columbus, who was Italian but was able to convinced the Spanish Queen that he found the fastest route to sail to India to pick up some spices.  History shows that he landed in the Americas instead.  Thinking he was in India, he called the natives Indios or Indians.  

The location of the remains of Christopher Columbus are controversial.  As many as five churches have claimed that they have his remains.  According to ThoughtCo:  "Columbus traveled more after death than many people do in life! In 1537, his bones and those of his son Diego were sent from Spain to Santo Domingo to lie in the cathedral there. As time went on, Santo Domingo became less important to the Spanish Empire and in 1795 Spain ceded all of Hispaniola, including Santo Domingo, to France as part of a peace treaty. Columbus' remains were judged too important to fall into French hands, so they were sent to Havana. But in 1898, Spain went to war with the United States, and the remains were sent back to Spain lest they fall to the Americans. Thus ended Columbus' fifth round-trip journey to the New World…or so it seemed."


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