Tavern in Madrid

Another old image I've taken in 2014 but  never got around to edit it.  Mainly because at that time I thought it was boring.  This is in Huertas, one of the best places to find tapas bar in Madrid.  It's close to the Prado Museum.  The streets begin to get more active after nine o'clock in the evening.  I'm told that the Spaniards eat their supper around this time, and don't finish until two in the morning.  No wonder they have to take their siestas.  They always stay up late.

In major cities of Europe, most of the streets are not parallel unlike here in the States.  That is why they give direction as "turn right" or "turn left".  The convention here in the States is to "go north" or "heard south" and so on.  One thing I have noticed in Spain is that the street signs are located on the buildings.  This tavern was at the corner of the street.  Can you identify the streets based on the building?

Hope your day is going well.


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