Sunday, March 13, 2011

Don't leave me

Sometimes to me the most interesting part of doing art is the process.  I know this sounds so post-modern.  But I am not saying that the process is the most important... just saying it is sometimes more fulfilling.  I think that the end results and the process are equally important.  I know that at times I tend to deliberate on things without regards to the end result.  I must be post-modern in my thinking.  But what is wrong with that?

I created the image above with the intention that I was going to process it to look the way it did.  I am very satisfied with the final outcome.  It was so close to what I have pre-visualized. Before shooting, what I saw was the budding leaves that were overshadowed by colorful bloom surrounding them.  The budding leaves have no chance to compete with their glory.  Yet, I identified with the leaves.  Insignificant to many yet at that one moment I felt like I connected. 

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