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Quote of the day (iv)
1. It's not art unless the experts say it is; 2. negatives aren't actually worth much; 3. if you make a nice heartwarming story that follows an accepted sappy narrative familiar to the public, and attach a preposterous enough number to it, people will eat it up; and 4. we probably have a real problem with reporting in this country, since way too many news outlets are content to repeat appealing stories uncritically even though they're untrue.  [Mike, Two Lawsuits Settled, TOP]

Van Gogh never sold any art in his lifetime.  No, I take that back... he did sell one but he bought it back.  Poor Theo, he could not sell any of his brother's work.  The irony is that people would not have been understood or appreciated Van Gogh if his art had been keep in storage.  What bothers me is just because somebody said it's art we are suppose to agree.  Okay, perhaps Van Gogh is not a good example. Andy Warhol?  Cristo?  Are they art geniuses or just good in marketing their art?


Mark Wade said…
Oh dear...such a tender nerve.
There we go again...human categorizing...we just can't help it.
I have written many a ramble on my opinion (and usually do not publish) of the quest for objecvtivity and the need for a centralized dispensary of judgmental opinion/knowledge. Alas, because we are SO peculiar that we humans even endevour in art...we have heaped unto ourselves an undefinable journey that is neither truly tangible,nor intangible. It is the collision of both, and we have been struggling to confine it ever since someone decided to pick it apart. I go again
I'll be quiet
Rob Castro said…
no apologies needed... if we keep things to ourselves then these pompous art critics who have never done art themselves will think that they are right ;-)

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