Questions on Japan

Canon EOS 5d, 35 mm Carl Zeiss, ND filter, tripod

Why?  I'm thinking Japan.  Why did it happen to this country?  A culture praised for its patience and hard work, why?

I've read some angry blogs.  Some people are upset because they heard professed Christians attributing Japan's plight to its denial of the God of the Bible.  I have not heard nor read what these Christians are actually saying.  It could be that some angry people are imagining that Christians are judging the event.

It seems to me that whenever calamity happens, everyone becomes the victim.  May one be a believer or not, everybody is affected.  I think God isn't just dealing with Japan.  God isn't just dealing with non-believers.  God is also dealing with those who put their trust in him.  The question is not only "what have they done?" but "what are you going to do?"


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