Who needs patience when one can get lucky?

Canon 5d, 35mm Carl Zeiss, f8, ND (0.6), Graduated ND, Jpeg

A seasoned photographer waiting for the perfect image knows when to click that shutter after sitting in the field for hours.  I am not that kind of photographer.  I don't have much patience.  This shot was captured not out of patience but out of my incessant need to do something else.  ADD, perhaps?  Taken from the fifth floor of the district building where I work.  It was probably about 5:45pm yesterday when I took it.  You could tell the time and the circumstance because I think most people leave around 5:20pm.  By 5:30pm (the official clock out time) the parking lot is nearly empty.  Anyway, I'm digressing.  I was tired of staring at the computer and fiddling with paper work, and I still have to stay a bit until I could clock out.  I figured I'd call it so I grab my camera and saw this view from the window.  Sometimes, the moment is there when you least expected.  Who needs patience when one can get lucky?  (And I don't even believe in luck.)  Heh.

Tech notes:  Canon 5d, 35mm Carl Zeiss, ND filter (0.6x), Graduated ND filter, f8, long exposure, camera flushed unto the glass window - hand-held with my nose acting as extra support.

Addendum (updated March 12, 2011).  If you've read this far, I recommend that you read more of my thoughts on this exercise at RB.  Cheers.


Anonymous said…
Nah, thats just what they say after the fact, you only have to check out their round filing cabinets to see what really happens. Sorry I haven't been around, have been a little obsessed with nothingness, not in a particularly Zen way. Haven't picked up he camera in months , except for work.tony
Rob Castro said…
hehe... nice to hear from you, mate... yea well maybe it's just an excuse for those bumbled shots... one still needs to learn, practice, plan, and push the shutter... cheers, my friend

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