If ever I...

Panasonic DMC-LX3

I usually don't want to post images of floral as I feel that I could never get the look that I wanted.  Morever, there are countless of great floral shots out there that I feel mine would not match up.  I'm trying to change that mindset.  I know I should just shoot whatever I want and post stuff without necessitating any rationale for doing what I like to do.  It's a struggle as I tend to be obsessive-compulsive.  I always end up second-guessing myself.

Lately I have been forsaking my daily morning walk with Rose and Mimi.  Partly because I've become lazy.  Partly I've been getting up late in the morning that I don't have much time for it.  This morning I tried to break that habit.  It was so good to go out again and feel the morning breeze.  As usual, I brought my camera with me.  

On my walk today, I stumbled into this flower bed.  I shot the floral with my point and shoot that fell on a river (but I wouldn’t recommend you doing it.  When I got home, I had my usual ten cups of coffee…  By the time I was on my fifth I was ready for bourbon.  Then I thought perhaps today is different.  I decided to post this because I really like the way the picture came out.  I like how the daisies are glowing against the dark field.  

Tech notes:  I used Nik Viveza to selective brighten the floral and darken the background… if I have to pick only one plug-in it would be Viveza.


Mark Wade said…
I love the shot Rob...10 cups and some bourbon....WooHoo!
Rob Castro said…
thanks, mark... always wonderful to hear from you... cheers

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