Fractured Botanica

This is from my archive. I remembered it while thinking how to help our friends in Japan. I’m hoping to sell the artwork and donate the proceeds to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief. Also for a limited time, I’ll be donating all the profits from selling my other artwork to this cause. Please help. Go to RB to buy my artworks.  Cheers.

Addendum (Updated March 19, 2011):
One of the great things about shooting still life is that the subject doesn’t usually complain.

I shot this set a couple of years when I was learning to shoot with the Lensbaby.  More accurately, I shot it when I was learning how to even shoot with a DLSR.  I found this orchid in somebody else’s cube after almost everyone in the office were gone.  I took several shots and when I downloaded the image file in my PC, I found them to be mostly boring.  Never wanting to toss things away, I decided I could still use the botched shots and create a collage of the parts of each of the full image that I liked.  The process allowed me to piece things together and create an almost abstract art. 

Moral of the story:  Don’t toss away your botched shots.  You may just have some use for them later


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