Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs (Tesla)
The individual image by itself looked boring to me so I lumped them into a collage and I thought I would call it art. I guess that would be arguable. At times, I observed that the less inspiring photos are a matter of perception. I think our minds anticipate certain things because that’s how we learn stuff. In my estimation, one’s mind is often tricked when one sees familiar things with an unexpected twist – then things begin to look more “interestingly” ___ (fill in the blank).

I must say that I’m almost ashamed to share this one although admittedly it does evoke a twisted satisfaction as I look at it. I have a weird brain. Too much caffeine in my blood. Too much medication. I’m reminded of one acquaintance telling me that you really know that you’re old when you start talking about your medications. But that’s another topic for later if you’re interested. The images in the collage reminds me of how we are being consumed by day-to-day urbanization. Perhaps, this is the price we pay for progress. Interestingly (at least for me), I find that the more progress we make the more we restrict ourselves. We end up giving away something more precious… that is freedom. Fortunately for some of us, we can distract ourselves with ___ (fill in the blank). In my case, perhaps it’s art.

Sorry for my silly banter. Hope you just enjoy the collage and whatever it represents for you.

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I very much enjoyed the photo. And I share many of the thoughts you shared. To me, it seems that the more we "progress" we actually end up "regressing". Such a shame, we have such potential. But humans are weak and cheap and easily seduced and lazy. Until we all realize that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves I am afraid it will stay as it is. What a waste! We have so much compassion, love, generosity and other wonderful gifts but we cover them up with distractions. It's funny, because even in that it truly is very "easy" to love, to share, to bond. We have become complacent and self-centered and that's why we are where we are. I become very discouraged and heartbroken, and see that you do as well, but we must continue on, in love, in compassion, in the family that is humanity if only to be an example and a reminder of what is possible. Too deep?! See, this is why we get along so well. Thanks for sharing. --- p

Rat-on, sistuh :-)

yo! rat-on, rat-on!  --- rob

Looks like something the MOCA museum would display. I worked in downtown LA and Century City for several years as a Legal Secretary. Several times a year the streets where full of artwork. Now they have Dia De Los Muertos on the Boyle Heights Bridge near first and Boyle or is that Soto? Hmmm! I don’t know if you have had the privilege of visiting the new “In Place” of downtown LA or even Forever Cemetery in Hollywood in November. – Rachael

Very nice Rob – I like it. Signs – we see them everywhere and don’t really pay attention to them. Yes, we take a quick glance so that we might know what to do or where to go but we really don’t see them. But, in your collage - they stand out. I look at it and see 2 things – a pleasing, creative art piece and a reminder of all things man-made. Sometimes I look down a street and really look – I see all the telephone poles, wires, signs, buildings and see the ugliness of what we’ve created. That’s when I have to go somewhere to get away from it all – a walk in the canyon or Sedona! -- Sinde

Good Morning Rob! Great pic and great sentiment. I wholeheartedly agree with you that the more progress we make the more we restrict ourselves from what is important. I found it ironic that you lumped all the signs in together. I think it expresses our respect for signs. There are so many we hardly even notice them. They are just like blurs of colorful signs that we see every day and we don’t really pay close attention to their purpose. Ok, enough morning ramble for me, lol, and I haven’t even had any caffeine or medication :D -- R

I was sooo busy yesterday so had not time to check out my pic of the day. This one is cool….I like your angles. I hear what you are saying-signs, signs….I like the colors – very vivid…..hope you had a good day (yesterday)……..j


Mark Wade said…
Our best attempt at organization....but sometimes "owning" the message, although briefly, can be exhilerating and a moment of gratitude...i.e. a child and the DISNEYLAND NEXT EXIT or the traveler's NEXT GAS 10 Miles AHEAD.
The latter a relief while night driving in Texas awhile back.
Rob Castro said…
"The latter a relief while night driving in Texas awhile back.." I know the feeling.

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