Rediscovering Film ... Does it feel right?

Lately, I am rediscovering the beauty of film.  That's analog as opposed to digital if you're a millennial.  The process of getting the final result is arduous though.  There are always instant film from Fujifilm and the Impossible Project but they are prohibitively expensive.  Each shot costs about $2.  And you need a Polaroid camera or a medium format camera with a Polaroid back.  Plus the final image has to be scanned and digitized if it were to be shared electronically.  And so on.  You know what I mean.  And yet there is something tactile about images shot on film.  Is it worth it?  Some people believe so.  Others think it's snobbishly capricious.  I suppose it depends on the experiential value one can get from it.  What do think?


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