Thoughts on Art and Two Little Girls shot on a cool Polaroid

Why do people buy Andy Warhol's Polaroids and not mine?

The great late Ray Manzarek of The Doors once said that the purpose of art is to blow minds.  So how come I'm equivocating on my thoughts about this image?  Perhaps, I question if this is even art.  It may seem artsy because it doesn't look like the conventional high dynamic range images that are sold for a dime a piece nowadays.  But is it art just because I purposely refused to go along with the flow?  Maybe art is what one makes it in their head.  If I think it's art, then it must be.  As Descartes may have said, "I am therefore I think."  Something along that line.  Or maybe it's just an attitude of being ambiguous.   Kind of like when a reporter asked Bob Dylan what he meant about his songs - to this Dylan replied, "Do you, Mr Jones?"  

I suppose it's not unusual for me to feel this way.  As my style continues to evolve, it makes me unsure of what I do or plan to do.  These may be times that my self-esteem is hiding inside the Neo-caves of Altamira.  Lately I don't have much confidence.  Maybe that's part of getting old.  Oh well.  Enough of this silly banter.  Hope you enjoy this image.  My wife Rose did.

Hope you have a great week.


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