Throwback 2009 ... She was turning Japanese.

Artsy Rose taken in 2009 with a Canon Point and Shoot.  The Powershot A590 IS to be exact.  Low tech Image Stabilizer.  8 crappy megapixels.  And AA two batteries to power the camera.  I still have the camera somewhere.  It still works.  I think.  I tried to give it to somebody else but it was too antiquated for her.  Why lug a bulky P & S when one can use the smart phone?

Even at this time, I was being creative.  I think one doesn't need fancy equipment and software to do decent artwork.   I must have edited this on an early version Photoshop Elements.  Most it was just playing around with layers and modes.  No pro editing like dodge and burn and curves.  I didn't know how to do those at that time.  But I think the edit is still pretty decent.

Somewhere in a Japanese restaurant.  What was the occasion?  Don't recall.  I suppose Rose and I just wanted to live our lives.



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