Unsophisticated Bastrop


Bastrop is eclectic - which I really like.  It reminds me so much of old Austin, when Austin was still not as progressively off the wall.  Bastrop will unlikely be the next music capital of the world.  Yet its appeal and diversity is arguably fascinating in my opinion.  The area that this image was taken had at least three old vintage cars parked in their dilapidated charm. A bit hard to find but it's right behind Alley B street.  If you are coming from Main Street, just head west.  If you hit the river, then you just passed it so go back until you find the place.  I really wished I have taken this image because I didn't.  Rose did and I thought her photo was worth posting on this blog.

On our first day, we had lunch as the 602 Brewing Company.  The Mrs Pearl beer was the closest I can find to resemble IPA.  With 8% ABV, this is one wins among the rest of their beers on tap.  I asked the waitress what was the genesis of 602.  She said it was the last three digits of their zip code.  I thought it was how many times they tried to get the brew right.

Then the next stop was Astro Record Store, which specialized in rare and unusual LPs.  We bought over two dozen LPs of Jazz and Classical music.  

Then there was Copper Shot Distillery where I sampled the pecan moonshine.  Surprisingly smooth even at nearly 100% proof.   The have outdoor sitting where one can just hang out, drink whiskey and/or smoke cigar while listening to a live band.  They have a fine selection of cigars that were reasonably priced.

Next stop, Smithville.  More on that later.

Hope your day is going well.


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