Willie's Fine Remedy


Rose and I went out of town just to get away from ourselves - if that makes sense.  Stopped by at Bastrop and Smithville.  Locals from Smithville are super friendly.  They ask me, "what brings you here?"  I quickly tell them, "Sandra Bullocks!"  In truth I haven't seen the movie Hope Floats for which the movie was shot in this small town, which put it on the map.  A guest we met at breakfast said she saw the movie three times.  Going back home, we got ourselves some souvenirs: Willie Nelson's Remedy Loose Leaf Tea, a couple of really strong moonshine and sundry items.  I tried to sample the moonshine and the bartender warned me that the shot was 100% proof.  Whoops!  Too late.  I already chugged it.  Surprisingly, it was smooth.  Texans know how to do great moonshine.  

Hope your day is going well.


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