Why Should You Listen to Juzno's Jazz?

If you like old school jazz, why should you listen to Juzno’s Jazz?

1. Because you are cool and this is the place to listen to old school jazz.
2. Each post will educate you on the artist and background of the song.
3. All the music are from vinyl LPs. This is as close to hearing music production in analog, which in my opinion sounds better than those produced digitally.
4. A lot of the old school jazz albums are no longer in production. This channel will continue to post music from vinyl LPs no longer available.
5. All vinyl LPs will produce pops and crackles. The music here has been scrubbed of unwanted noise from the vinyl LP. Well mostly.
6. New uploads everyday except Sunday. Except when I'm sick. Except when I'm asleep. And so on.
7. Because you are cool and you have good taste.

Hope you will enjoy the video posts.

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