Blue Hour in Budapest

Shot from the Buda Castle Hill during the blue hour.

Traveling by the Buda Hill Funicular is a pleasant and a fairly cheap way to save your legs a hike when you want to get up to the Buda Castle Hill from the river level on Adam Clarke Square.  That was exactly what we did.  It was a great view going up.  Such as watching Rose's lens cap falling slow motion down the hill.  Getting lost around the vicinity of the castle.  Nearly panicking as it was already dark.  And we still couldn't find our way out.  We bumped into an out-of-duty cop who didn't speak English but understood our horror so he went with us to get down back on the streets.  We still didn't know where we were but we kept on walking.  Not even knowing which direction we were heading.  We stopped by a restaurant and asked for directions to our hotel.  The nice young lady pointed across the street where our hotel was.  


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