Blue Hour in Lucerne

We are at the end of our stay in Switzerland.  Image taken during the Blue Hour in Lucerne.  The Lake people do drink the water from the lake.  Lake Lucerne is so clear that you can see the bottom at 10 feet.  They say that Swiss Alpine water is the cleanest in the world.  Maybe I was not used to clean water because I had stomach upset the whole time we were there.  
If you decide to shop in Switzerland, Lucerne is the place to go.  Switzerland is very expensive but Lucerne is the least expensive place to buy Swiss watches and knives and souvenirs.  

The Swiss speaks French; Swiss German; Italian and Romansh.  Lucerne is a predominantly German speaking city but has a mix of French and Italian.  For instance, the locals say "merci" (French) when they say thank you but say "wiedersehen" (German) for goodbye and "bon appetite" (Italian) for "enjoy your meal"- all in the same sentence.


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