Come to My Kitchen


Back in the days when electricity was exclusive only for the well-to-do, people would cook food on wood stoves.  In the Philippines where the humidity is high, the wood would be somewhat wet - enough to produce lots of smoke when burned.  As I was growing up, I still remember getting teary eyed from watching in amazement the smoke and the fire, and smelling the burning wet wood.  Nowadays, there are still people who would use wood fired stove.  

I have been revisiting old photos I've taken years ago.  This one was taken in 2010.  I used a Panasonic DMC-LX3 point and shoot to capture the image.  It's the same camera as the 10 mp Leica LX3 but a third of the price.  Leica probably wanted an affordable consumer camera that it subcontracted the manufacturing to Panasonic.  Panasonic wised up and marketed the same camera with their brand name but at a lesser price.

For the photo savy: focal length 5.10 mm, f/8, 1/15 sec, iso 400.


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