Red At Work (ii)


Art usually reflects the worldview of the artist.  Sometimes it's not as obvious.  But there are times when it's undeniable.  I took this picture at the Chalk Walk Festival in Old Pasadena.  Care free posture, just taking her time.  From my perspective, I thought that the artist was creating a mirror image of herself.

Featured Comment by Kamilah Castro:  If you read into it, your photo could be a commentary on beauty or true art.  Maybe art, in her case, is that which she wishes to see in herself.  While she is imperfect, smudged with dirt, hair unkempt, through art, she can create something beautiful, and perfect, and untouched.  Note the way she caresses the woman's cheek with longing.  Wishing real life could be that beautiful, wishing she could be that beautiful.

On a technical note, the composition is great.  Love the angling, the use of reflection (not just the artist and the drawing but also the other pictures of women in the back).  Like you can't tell if she is a drawing herself.  The artist can't be separated from the art.


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