How would like to own a universe?  Might not happen but you can always get Cosmos, the flowering plant.  

Cosmos are easy to propagate and grow even in the less than ideal soil condition, which we have here in Georgetown, Texas.  I just sowed the seed directly to the potting mix in a five-gallon container, water the surface.  Then, I covered it with saran food wrap to keep the moisture in the container.  Kind of like a miniature green house.  Placed the pot on a shaded area, and waited.  From time to time, I would inspect the soil condition for humidity.  

At first my other flowering plants like the Zinnias and the Sunflowers have began to blossom but no Cosmos flowers yet.  I kept an eye on the Cosmos almost everyday.  Then one day it bloomed.  I would call this plant a late bloomer, considering we are in the middle of summer already.

Hope your day is going well.


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