Hops in Nashville


Still in Nashville.  We, that is Rose, Kamilah, Naps and I, had outdoor brunch at Liberty Common.  Hops, the very popular Bassador from New York (people wanted to pet her), was with us but she just decided to sleep.  The hot weather was not conducive for outdoor activities.  Yet from time to time, a bus filled with young ladies singing and dancing on its roof would pass along the streets.  Music was loud and varied.  Some goes back to 70s disco era.  It was almost noontime but it appeared that they have been drinking.  It was girls gone wild in Downtown Nashville.  

read somewhere that it's a way of life around Nashville - bachelorette parties enjoy the fact that they can relax, have a good time, and disappear into the fabric of Nashville's local community.  I don't know about that.  Those women were conspicuously making a statement.  I think they were shouting, "You got a right ... to party!"


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